The Manifesto
trad. Annamaria De Rosa
e Silvana Asciuti

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May 2000.
Manifesto by Adolfo Giuliani , born on July 7th 1934 in Naples, for the creation of a cultural movement called Esasperatismo (Exasperatism) whose symbol is a bin (can).

1 - Its origin
It has come into being from the observation of the high degree of exasperation reached by:
      - everyday way of living
      - violence on nature
      - uncontrolled science
      - no longer accessible art

2.1 - Everyday way of living
In order to satisfy his own needs and improve the quality of his own life, man has put himself in a frenzied rhythm, in an indefinite spiral of expectations and achievements. He has meant this flow as ‘ progress’, ‘going forward’, but he has lost any power of controlling or stopping it. Stress and depression are the pathological implications of exasperation in living.

2.2 - Violence on nature
The alternatives man has found for the evolution of his species have all been against ‘natured nature’ , an again and again disfigured, raided, mortified nature. The most obvious consequence is the hole in the ozone layer, source of numerous unfavourable phenomena heralding catastrophical previsions.

2.3 -Uncontrolled science. The unconditioned research into what is rationally ‘possible’ leads to the achievement of what is ethically ‘impossible’, such as test-tube life, cloning, genetically modified organisms (G.M.O.)

2.4 - No longer accessible art. In the field of art, new forms of expression have come out, which are no longer understandable, more and more disorganised or disorienting.

3. A bin /can will be the symbol of this movement , and it won’t be meant as a scrap container or a conventional metaphor for ‘cheat’, but as actual life. It is the bin/can everyone has been endowed with since their birth, in different ways and forms, aesthetical, social, economical and cultural ones. It is a suffered, dented, used up container, full of experiences, betrayals, disappointments and sorrows.
Naples, May 2000

Adolfo Giuliani